About me

a small story about myself

It is a new initiative blog for writing on the food-related stuff. My mother inspires this blog, so the prime purpose of sharing what I have learned from my birth mother so far. The home kitchen recipes turn into Online Food Business, named as FoodChunk. It is currently based on compelling Food Facts, Tips & Tricks but we have planned to open a restaurant with the same name. We are getting all of the images from a non-copyrighted image website ‘Pixabay.com’. Thanks a bunch for visiting our page. I'll be focusing on the food effects on our health that how much food is essential to our body. It's just a beginning where I would focus on writing articles about a variety of food benefits and its uses. Later on, I'll be sharing my recipes on this blog. Please stay connected

Why I love it?

the answer is actually rather simple

I'm a foodie by birth, but I never realized how food impacts our health. I have been discovering the timing to eat food and which food is good for what problem. Loved to write on what I learned so far..