Eid-ul-Adha 2020: This Eid festival is typically marked by overeating that can be harmful to your health. Have you ever suffered due to overeating on Eid?

Celebrating Eid with your friends and family members is a blessing but eating too much for the sake of enjoyment is dangerous to your health?

Eid-ul-Adha is the biggest religious festival celebrated by the Muslims every year where slaughtering Halal animals is a tradition.

After slaughtering animals for the sake of ALLAH, all who performed this act distribute that meat into 3 portions. One portion is for relatives/neighbors, one for poor people, and the last one remained in the house.

I know old habits die hard but you have to make a decision for the sake of your health that is precious one.

Here are some major tips which can help you stay healthy on this Eid,

1: Know Your Limits

Do you know your body? If not, then you must have to know first what your body needs and how much could go easy.

RealAge recommends all not go for more than one bowl of red meat a week. On Eid, we used to eat a lot more than recommendations.

You badly need to minimize meat-centered meals once you figured out your body needs. Lean meat can go best. Trim the extra fat once you start cooking meat for yourself.

2: Take 6 Hours Break

It’s a high-priority to control your hunger rather than your emotions controls you. Some of the recent dieticians’ gurus suggest eating every 2-3 hours is good for health. On the other hand, Science says it’s not biological true.

So what science suggests? Science suggests taking 6 hours break between every meal of the day is an ideal choice for your body.

We need a balance blood sugar so it can release fat, enhance energy level, eliminate cravings, and protect the lean muscle mass. And, over-eating can disturb the steady blood sugar level.

The digestion process restarted whenever you start eating so your body needs some relaxation and time to consume the earliest meal. Its proven that taking break is MUST.

3: Drink Green/Cinnamon Tea

After eating a meat meal, our body must needs green team or cinnamon tea to boost metabolism. Tea without sugar could be good.

Cinnamon (the bitter-sweet spice) tea may help digesting food. Also, helps to reducing weight gain, control blood sugar, lower inflammation, and improve heart health.

One can easily add this tea in the diet plan because it is loaded with antioxidants that helps in numerous health issues caused by over-eating.

4: Don’t go for Fizzy

Fizzy drinks or so-called full-fat drinks contain a rich amount of Insulin that is already produced by your Pancreas and these drinks can double the risk. Moreover, soda drinks caused obesity, weight gain, tooth decay, heart attacks, and diabetes

Such sugary soft drinks are harmful to our health and drinking after over-eating even more dangerous that can put you double in the danger.

Instead, you can drink sparkling water, coconut water, freshly squeezed lemonade. Among these option, you can easily go for plain water or lemonade as we already have a lemon season.

5: Go for a Walk

Walking after every eating of the day is crucial for digesting the food you eat. Drinking a lot of water is also helps to burn the calories you gain by eating such heavy meaty meals.

To feel light and fresh, walking 30 minutes after every meal should be added in your daily routine so this is not specifically for Eid.

This 30 minutes walk is an outstanding way to boost muscle power, reduce excess body fat, enhance cardiovascular fitness, and strengthen bones.